Lady Mila And lady Mila M are our dessert fruit wines from Aronia, produced in 2016.

Our carrier of OPG-Ivana decided to swim the wine from Aronia in two different directions, so two wines from 2016 were created. Lady Mila has been named after her daughter, which is perceived in the flavors of Aronia, something "softer" but reminds on the aronia with its trunk. While Lady Mila M, ("M" she marks as a "maman"), because they taste this wine by its "willow", full body wine, which can fit side by side with each black wine with the consumption of meat, cheese and chocolates.

Lady Mila M is crowned with a gold medal at the international award of fruit wines at the 12th International Voćar Fair in Donji Kraljevac, Croatia. While Lady Mila is crowned with a silver medal on the same rating.